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Building Families Through Surrogacy And Assisted Reproductive Technology

As you consider contracting with a surrogate mother or acting as one, you are right to seek counsel to protect yourself and other involved parties legally, financially and medically. Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, in White Plains, New York, has helped many clients navigate the necessary preparations and legal processes of surrogacy agreements.

Whatever your chosen path for bringing a child into the world, it is important to understand the relevant rights, responsibilities and ramifications. Our family law attorneys can help you accomplish your family planning goals.

We Are Committed To Protecting Your Family-Building Plans

We are well-regarded family law attorneys who work hard to stay on the cutting edge of surrogacy-related issues affecting our clients’ families, including:

  • Traditional surrogacy agreements involving a surrogate mother, artificial insemination with the sperm of the intended father and usually including legal arrangements with regard to a second intended parent
  • Gestational surrogacy agreements involving a woman who will carry the pregnancy for a transferred embryo supplied by or acquired by the intended parents
  • Egg donor agreements whereby an otherwise infertile intended mother is implanted with an embryo that may be formed with her husband’s sperm or otherwise

We will advise and guide you in determining, documenting and, if necessary, enforcing aspects of your situation such as the following:

  • Clarifying each party’s intentions and responsibilities
  • Documenting the surrogate mother’s intention not to be the legal parent of a coming baby
  • Confirming intended parents’ responsibilities for health insurance, health care of the surrogate mother or egg donor, and health care of the newborn

Get Quality Legal Advice

Because many assisted pregnancies may result in multiple births, intended parents and surrogates should agree as to whether selective reduction will be used in case of twins, triplets or quadruplets. Other matters to consider and document may include:

  • The matching and screening process
  • What if the surrogate mother changes her mind
  • What if intended parents divorce
  • Potential medical emergencies during pregnancy or childbirth
  • The surrogate mother’s conduct during pregnancy
  • Whether the surrogate will have visitation rights
  • How disputes will be resolved
  • Acknowledgment of risks
  • Establishment of parental rights of a nongenetically-related intended parent

Where Will The Birth Occur? Where Will The Intended Parents Reside? Understand Your Rights.

We are ready to counsel you regarding your surrogacy, egg donor or assisted reproductive technology plans in any jurisdiction. To schedule a consultation, call 646-779-0960 or inquire here.