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New York Property Distribution Lawyers

Deciding how property is distributed involves more than simply liquidating assets and splitting their monetary value. It requires strategy and insight into the value of various assets and how they can be saved or restructured to meet a family’s changing needs.

With vast experience in divorce cases and a team of talented professionals, Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP has achieved favorable outcomes for clients whose finances are being scrutinized in complex and high-asset divorce matters.

New York property division lawyers and lead the law firm in representing clients throughout Westchester County and surrounding areas of New York. They have developed a reputation for excellence and are respected as leading attorneys in their field, delivering results with personal service and thorough preparation.

They can help you understand how the court will analyze your case for equitable distribution of assets and whether or not various settlement options can achieve better results that protect your finances.

Equitable Division Of Assets In New York

Dividing property during divorce proceedings is not unlike dividing the assets and liabilities of a business partnership. Both parties are responsible for and can claim a portion of tangible and intangible assets and debts, such as the family home, savings, investments, businesses and retirement funds. The process begins by identifying, classifying and accurately assessing the client’s property. Then a thorough analysis of property rights, the client’s needs and goals to achieve financial security is performed.

In-depth knowledge of these issues and the ability to investigate hidden assets and accounts help the firm’s clients see the full scope of property that must be considered in divorce proceedings. Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, informs clients of pertinent details about their rights and obligations in the division of:

  • Real estate, including the family home, investment or vacation property
  • Business ownership
  • Investments
  • Executive benefits
  • Retirement income
  • Savings accounts
  • Copyrights, patents, royalties and other intellectual property
  • Debts and liabilities

Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, takes a client-focused approach to legal representation, giving personal attention to each individual the firm represents. Each attorney will take the time to discuss the issues that matter most to you, inform you of your rights and develop an aggressive strategy to make sure you are protected through every stage of legal proceedings.

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