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New York Post-Divorce Modifications Attorneys

Any agreements or court orders that arise out of legal proceedings may be subject to adjustments if circumstances change. It is best to work with an experienced New York lawyer who can represent you effectively in modifications and enforcement of court orders.

Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, offers sound advice and forthright representation in post-divorce and post-judgment matters to clients throughout Westchester County and surrounding areas of New York.

The firm works toward results that truly reflect an individual’s and family’s changing needs. To this end, attorneys and and the firm’s team of experienced professionals handle cases personally, developing a strategy that addresses both immediate and long-term goals for our clients.

Whether you are seeking assistance in changing existing orders, or need help aggressively protecting your rights in post-divorce or post-judgment enforcement of court orders, the team of attorneys at Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, can deliver favorable results.

Modifications And Enforcement Of Child Support, Child Custody And Spousal Support

Changes in employment, income, marital status and living arrangements are among the circumstances that could warrant a modification of the terms of an initial agreement or court order. This can create a need for modifications to child custody, child support or spousal support agreements.

A support payment schedule may be altered if there is unexpected job loss, if health issues or health expenses arise or any other change in income has affected one party’s ability to pay. If a support provider experiences an improved change in income or living standards or the recipients’ needs have substantially changed an upward adjustment to support payments may be made.

Enforcement of court orders come into play if one party of a divorce fails to uphold the terms of an agreement or violates a court order. This is often seen in cases of unpaid child support or child relocation matters (moving a child out of range for proper visitation and custody arrangements). If this is the case, you may need to take aggressive action. Make sure to work with an attorney who can help you protect your best interests. The experienced litigators of Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, have the skill to achieve favorable results in both modifications and enforcement.

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For client convenience, the firm also offers off-site appointments outside of Westchester County as necessary.