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International Family Law

The attorneys of Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, are leaders in family law cases for clients whose legal issues involve multiple jurisdictions and international matters. The firm is located in Westchester County, New York, and efficiently and effectively represents clients throughout the United States and abroad.

Founding partners, and , are known for providing exceptional representation in complex family law and divorce matters. Their hands-on approach as vigorous litigators and skillful negotiators contributes to favorable results, with success that is demonstrated in the many satisfied clients who have benefited from Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, legal services.

If you are struggling with a family law or divorce issue that involves multiple jurisdictions or international considerations, whether child related, property related or support related, the firm can provide the experience you need.

Personal Service In International Child Custody And Divorce

Family issues that involve international borders have more complex rules and regulations to consider than standard family law proceedings. Families may own property in two different countries or have children who are citizens of two countries. They may need to determine how child custody and visitation will work after a divorce is final and parents choose to live in different countries.

All of these decisions will be influenced by which country has authority over regulating family law and divorce matters. The Hague Convention – a multinational treaty provides guidance in some child custody matters involving disputes over jurisdiction. However, there are many facets of international family law with which the attorneys at Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, have the experience to provide counsel to their client.

There are many complex elements of international family law matters, whether they involve the division of property or foreign-held investments, child support and child custody or post-divorce modifications and enforcement of court orders.

Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, is one of the few to handle cases like this with a high degree of knowledge and skill. Every attorney at the firm takes the time to work with clients personally, informing them of their rights and what steps to take to protect themselves to the fullest extent of the law.

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To schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer at Goldschmidt & Genovese, LLP, contact the firm directly either online or by telephone at 800-406-2275.

For client convenience, the firm also offers off-site appointments outside of Westchester County as necessary.