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Four options for your summer child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Now that school is out for summer, your child is enjoying activities such as camps and family vacations, swimming at the neighborhood pool and spending long, lazy days outdoors. With the transition from the school year to summer, it is likely that your child custody schedule will temporarily change as well. You have several options to consider for your summer child custody schedule.

A two-two-three schedule

In a two-two-three schedule, your child will be in your care two days, your co-parent’s care the next two days and then spend a three-day weekend with you. The next week, the schedule switches. This way both you and your co-parent spend roughly the same amount of time with your child.

Younger children benefit from a two-two-three schedule because they will see both parents relatively often. However, frequent child custody exchanges generally work best if you and your co-parent reside relatively close to one another. Older children may have more summer commitments, making these frequent changes less desirable.

An every-other week schedule

An every-other week schedule is exactly what it sounds like. One week your child lives with you, and the following week your child lives with your co-parent. Alternating weeks makes it easier for you, your co-parent and your child keep track of where your child is staying and when.

Older children benefit from an every-other week because it provides a sense of stability. Younger children may miss their parents too much if they only see them every-other week. If so, planning a midweek sleepover with the other parent may help.

An every-two week schedule

Similar to the every-other week schedule, in an every-two week schedule your child will live with you for two weeks and then with your co-parent for two weeks. An every-two week schedule provides stability to both older and younger children, especially if you do not reside near your co-parent. It also makes it easier for you to take a summer vacation with your child without interfering with your co-parent’s custody time.

All summer with one parent

Finally, you and your co-parent may agree that your child will reside with only one of you for the majority of the summer. This can be a desirable option for the non-custodial parent who does not see the child frequently during the school year, allowing them substantial time to bond with the child. It can also be a desirable option if you and your co-parent do not reside closely to each other at all making child custody exchanges difficult.

Chose what is in the best interests of your child

Ultimately, what ever summer child custody schedule you choose, it should be the choice that is in the best interests of your child. With the right schedule your child can enjoy their summer with both you and your co-parent.