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How can daters avoid divorce starting on the first date?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

For those looking to marry, every interaction with a potential spouse reveals their character. Unfortunately, many try to hide their true self at the beginning and slowly reveal themselves over the course of a relationship. The problem is that, once we fall in love, it is hard to stop the marriage train, even if we know we should jump off. This is why we should be looking for red flags to weed out bad potential spouses, even on the first date.

TikTok recommendation

A Canadian divorce attorney, who has become TikTok-famous, recently revealed his best tip to do this, and it is, potentially, genius. Offer to pay for the first date, actually pay for it and see how the date responds.

What should we look for in the payment interaction?

Daters are really just looking to see if the person across the table (whom they just met) feels entitled to have a free meal. It is that entitlement that is a huge red flag, especially because you just met them. It is unlikely that this entitlement is only on the other person paying for the first date, it is likely a sign that they will feel entitled to much more, especially after years or decades of marriage.

What about during the date?

Of course, pay attention to everything. How did they react to the restaurant? How did they react to the menu prices? What did they order? Were they interested in you or just talking about themselves? How did they interact with the waitstaff? Did they spend the date talking about an ex? These are all potential red flags. Have fun. Live in the moment, but notice the red flags.

The key takeaways

For Westchester and White Plains, New York, daters, it is a jungle out there, but if we date with intention, we can, hopefully, avoid divorce later. The key takeaway is to not ignore red flags because they usually do not disappear over the course of a relationship. After all, the person we date at the beginning is usually that person’s best public self.